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The first safety razor for women – Photo credit

You may be thinking but “Isn’t a safety razor for men?” As early as 1915 Gillette created the Milady Décolleté which ran a campaign to rid ladies of their under arm hair. These advertisements told ladies to remove “unsightly” and “objectionable hair” from their body but focused on their underarms.

Fashion of the 1940s – Photo credit

During the 1940s the combination of fashion of the era and wartime rations, meant that women shaved their legs more. A shortage of stockings meant women were not wearing nylons daily and they had to go bare legged more.

Once you get the hang of it, safety razors are so easy to use! They require a bit more of a learning curve than a disposable razor. But they are so worth it! Keep reading to learn more!

A Safety Razor


I highly recommend the Mutiny shaving safety razor. This is a unisex razor which is not only great quality but doesn’t break the bank! I’ve noticed that safety razors aimed at women are more expensive either with different colours or a longer handle. This safety has worked great for shaving my body.

Important: I am not sponsored or paid to talk about this brand. All opinions stated are my own.

Why use a safety razor?

Save money

Helps The Environment

The safety razor is a fantastic zero waste, eco friendly and low waste option for hair removal. If looked after properly a safety razor can last for a lifetime, with only the blades that need replacing.

A Close Shave

Not only does the safety razor give you a close shave, but it’s also less irritating than its less eco friendly cousin the disposable razor.

Important tips you should know!

  • Take your time – Never shave when you are in a rush to get out of the door in the morning, it’s going to lead to disaster!
  • Never dry shave – This could lead to irritation and nicks!
  • Hold the razor at 45 degrees – This is the angle you need to hold the razor at!
  • Use no pressure This is so important. Unlike a disposable razor which relies on pressure to shave. The safety razor uses zero pressure. Use the weight of the razor rather than pressure!

How do you shave your legs?

A safety razor

Soften The Hair

Leave shaving to the end of your shower/bath routine. The warm water helps to soften the hair making shaving easier and kinder to your skin!

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin helps to remove gunk and dead skin cells. This can help ingrown hairs, lift the hairs and lead to a closer shave. Exfoliating after shaving can lead to irritation.

Shaving Soap

I highly recommend a shaving soap over shaving foam. Firstly they are less wasteful which is very important when you are following a low waste/eco-friendly lifestyle. I find shaving soap less drying. Women don’t really need to use a shaving brush either just a bar of shaving soap. They lather just fine with your hands!

How To Start

  • Start by lathering the soap very well between your hands.
  • Rinse and dry your hands; Wet hands and a stainless razor can make it very easy for the razor to slip out of your hand.
  • Holding the razor at a 45-degree angle, use short strokes with the grain and using zero pressure.
  • For shaving knees it’s easiest to bend the knee (the Game Of Thrones reference isn’t lost on me) so the skin is taut. Use slow gentle motions with no pressure.
  • For Ankles take it very slow using very short strokes.

Apply Lotion

Pat the skin dry and apply lotion, this is very important to prevent dryness.

How to shave your underarms?

Start with exfoliating the skin, then lift your arm in the air so the skin is taut. Since the hair can grow in different directions. Shave in each direction at a 45 degrees angle, lathering up for each time. Finish with lotion.

Can you shave your bikini area?

Of course! You can use a safety razor to shave any part of your body! Start with exfoliating the skin. Keeping the skin taut shave in short strokes at a 45 degree with the grain. Finish with lotion.

How to look after your safety razor?

A safety razor disassembled

The safety razor is so much easier to take care of than a disposable razor. Have you ever had a clump of hair stuck in a 5 blade razor? They are such a hassle to clean!

Quick Clean

After using your razor give it a good rinse and leave it somewhere to dry. Store it out of the shower.

Deep Clean

For a more thorough clean use an old toothbrush and soap to remove all the gunk. Dry with a rag and replace the blade.

When should I change the blade?

A new razor blade in paper packaging

It really depends on how often you’re using your razor and how coarse your hair is! You’ll know when you need to change your razor when its dull, or when you have to use more than the usual swipes to remove hair.

What about the old blades?

Check with your local recycling center to see if they can be recycled. My local one allows me to recycle them with the scrap metal. You don’t need to buy a blade bank either. Reuse a glass jar and save yourself some cash!

Warning: Keep used blades out of the way of children and pets. Please clearly label your glass jar!

Thank you for reading

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