Hello! Wow it’s been a quite a few months since I have written a blog. I want to wish you a happy new year I hope you had a wonderful and safe Christmas!

happy new year
Happy New Year – Credit

If you missed my last blog read it here: The Ultimate Guide To Charity Shopping. It’s the perfect guide for a complete beginner! I’m certain even the more experienced could learn a thing or two!

most popular post of 2020

Bain & Savon Cake Mascara Review

where have I been?

During September my mental health took a bit of nose dive as well as dealing with the struggles of chronic back pain. So I decided it would be a good time to step away from the blog for a little while.

But then came the devastating news which brought my whole world crashing down with the loss of my dearly beloved grandmother. Unconsolable I was unable to function let alone write my blog.

So that brings me to today. I am excited to slowly get the ball rolling with my blog again.


Thank you to those who have subscribed during my time away!

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Safe safe,


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For more resources and petitions you can sign. Please visit my blog Anti-Racism Resources & why I cancelled this weeks blog


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