Last month I shared My Secrets To Achieving Frizz-Free Natural Curl. Head over to that blog post, if you haven’t read it, before you read this blog!

On my previous blog post I showed you how to make flaxseed gel. Did you make it? It’s so easy, Isn’t it? Let me know in the comments below! In this blog post I wanted to share my secrets on how to apply it and how to get the most out of it!

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But first hair butter!

Before I apply flaxseed hair gel I always apply Universal Hair & Body Butter by Syluxe!

Sectioning: I lean my head down and flip my hair over my face. I work in 3 large sections. OR I lean my head to the side I work in a few large sections. Make sure to work on both sides!

  1. I take a generous amount and rub it between my fingers and palms.
  2. I hold my hands together (as though I’m praying) and rub them down the length of my hair. (See photo 1)
Photo 1: Praying hands method.
Photo 2: Praying hands method

And Then Flaxseed gel

I use 2 ice cubes worth of flaxseed gel.

  1. Taking a little bit onto the palm of your hand. And use the praying hands method (see above.)
  2. Use the same method all over.
  3. Followed by using a small amount on the top of your head!
  4. Next take a small amount and cup the ends of your hair with your hand. Scrunch the hair starting from the bottom upwards (See Photo 3).
  5. Use the scrunching method all over in large sections.
Photo 3: Scrunch method

Drying time

Lean your head down so your hair in over hanging over your face. Then use your towel to scrunch your hair in the same manner as you did above. Lean your head down again, place your towel over your head and make sure you bring your hair to the very top of your head!

You can either let your hair dry naturally. Or use a diffuser!

Tips for drying with a diffuser

  1. Flip your head down so your hair is over your face (This creates volume).
  2. Start drying with your roots (This prevents shrinkage).
  3. Dry your roots at either side (flip your hair to the left and right).
  4. Flip your hair back and dry the top.
  5. Once the roots are dry start on the mid-lengths to ends.
  6. Use the diffuser to dry the ends by cupping the ends of the hair and lifting it up to your scalp.
  7. Drying the hair up to 80% to good to prevent damage and frizz.

Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t rub the towel on your head to dry your hair because this will create frizz! Always Pat!
  • Leave touching your hair to the absolute minimal, because this disrupts the curls.
  • Don’t worry about using too much flaxseed gel! It won’t make your hair flakey.

Thank you for reading

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