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September marks the start of ‘2nd hand september’ which is a campaign by Oxfam. This campaign encourages consumers to only shop 2nd hand clothes for the whole of September!

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why buy 2nd hand clothes

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Not only are 2nd hand clothes better for the environment but they will save you a pretty penny! I understand if you’ve never been charity shopping* you may find it “gross” or “weird” to buy used clothes. I’ve been buying 2nd hand clothes for years. So I thought 2nd hand September would be the perfect opportunity to show you what I’ve learnt along the way!

*P.s. Charity shopping is also called thrift shopping and op shopping. Depending on where you live! I’m British so I’ll be using the term charity shopping.

Fast fashion & the environment

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Let’s talk briefly about the effects of fast fashion on the environment. If you want to learn even more keep an eye on this blog, because I will be doing a dedicated detailed post about this!

Key Facts:

  • Waste – According to The Guardian in 2016 300,000 tonnes of clothing were sent to landfill.
  • Microplastic – Micro plastic is found in synthetic clothing which is released into the environment. Read more about microplastic.
  • Pollution – The fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter after the oil industry.

The ultimate guide to charity SHOPPING

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Here’s an easy to follow guide for the complete beginner! Think charity shopping is overwhelming? Think again!

Have Fun:

It sounds so simple, but having fun will make you enjoy what you are doing and you’ll want to do it again and again! I think of charity shopping as a treasure hunt. You’ll never know what you’ll find on any given day!

Try clothes on:

Try clothes on first* before you buy them. To make things easier wear a simple outfit!

*In the UK charity shops don’t allow people to currently try on clothes during the global pandemic.

Wash first

Always wash clothing before you wear! This also applies to new clothes because of residual dye, dirt and dust!

Look closely

Always check items for holes, stains, missing buttons and broken zips. If you’re savvy with a needle and thread minor repairs will be a breeze for you to fix! White or light coloured fabrics are prone to armpit stains and are noticeable. Hold the item up and give it a once over.

Shop with purpose

Are you overwhelmed at the thought of stepping into a charity shop? Shop with purpose. Before you step into the shop. Think of what you are looking for. Is it shoes or a dress? This will make it an easier progress for you!

Thank you for reading

Are you a charity/thrift/op shopping novice or master? Let me know in the comments below!

Lets chat! What’s your best charity shop find? Please comment below or message me on Facebook or Instagram.

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