Welcome back to my blog. This week I wanted to start with the 4 main plastic polluters according to Plastic Free July. Did you miss last weeks blog? I spoke about the issues surrounding plastic, with a lot of shocking statistics! Learn more about plastic pollution by reading my blog ‘Plastic Friend or Friend‘.

Ditching plastic not only benefits the environment, but it also helps your wallet! The two often go hand in hand. Keep reading to learn how to save the environment and save money!

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Plastic bag vs tote bag

Plastic bag – Image credit
Reusable bag –Image credit

Here are the amazing benefits of switching:

  • Avoid the plastic bag charge – In the UK its required by law for shops to charge customers 5p per bag. Using reusable bag will save you this additional cost!
  • Stops plastic bags ending up in the ocean – Approximately there are 2.2 trillion plastic bags in the ocean.
  • Long lasting – Plastic bags break very easily, whereas cotton is stronger and easier to repair.
  • Plastic bags are ugly – But reusable bags can be customised to match your taste, this is an makes you want to use it more!

Plastic Bottle Vs Reusable water bottle

Plastic water bottle – Image credit
Reusable water bottle – Image credit

Here are the amazing benefits of switching:

  • Saves you money – Bottled water actually costs more than tap water!
  • Prevents plastic bottles from ending up in the ocean – 60 million plastic water bottles are thrown away daily in the US.
  • With you for the long haul – Reusable bottles are made to last and are reliable.
  • A bottle for every taste – Do you like the colour pink or rainbows? The right bottle is out their waiting for you!
  • Multi-use – Many bottles can carry hot liquids, such as tea, coffee or even soup!
  • Makes a statement – Carrying a reusable water bottle tells other people you care about the environment! What a star you are!
  • Something you can rely on – Carrying a reusable water bottle means you always have a drink readily available!

DISPOSABLE Coffee Cup VS Reusable coffee cup

Disposable coffee cup – Image credit
Reusable coffee cup – Image credit

You may be thinking “But aren’t disposable cups biodegradable?” You would think so but surprisingly the inside of a paper coffee cup has a polyester layer.

Here are the amazing benefits of switching:

  • Helps the environment – Approximately 500 billion disposable coffee cups are used globally each year.
  • Long lasting – Unlike the disposable coffee cup which end in up landfill because they are difficult to recycle.
  • Something for everyone – There are so many colours available, you can make a fashion statement which helps the environment.
  • Keeps drinks hotter for longer – Something which disposable cups don’t do!

Plastic straw VS Reusable straw

Disposable straw – Image credit
Reusable straw – Image credit

Here are the amazing benefits of switching:

  • Helps plastic pollution – In the UK at least 4.4 billion straws are thrown away each year!
  • Affordable – Reusable straws are very affordable and are made to last!
  • Something for everyone – There are multiple types of reusable straws including: Stainless steel, glass, bamboo, silicone, and even fold-able!
  • Easy to clean – Straws usually come with “pipe cleaner” type brushes making cleaning a breeze!
  • Long lasting – Stainless steel straws are very hardworking will not break if dropped.

Switching to reusable products means you are not contributing to the ever growing plastic problem. That is ultimately killing 100,000 marine mammals a year.

Have you taken part in Plastic Free July? Is there an area of Plastic Free July your struggling with?  Leave a comment below or Tweet at me.

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