Hello, my name is Stacey. Welcome to my blog. Today I am talking money saving zero waste habits you can start now!

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What is zero waste and minimal waste?

Zero waste is exactly what is says on the tin. It involves sending nothing to landfill, nothing is wasted and little is sent to recycling centers.

Minimal waste is similar to zero waste but it involves minimizing the waste that you produce.

You probably feel overwhelmed at the amount of resources that are out there. My aim is to make Zero Waste as simple as possible. You probably worry that it will be too expensive, too complicated and too time consuming.

Don’t worry you’re not alone. I felt exactly like that. That’s what inspired me to start a blog to make it easier for you.

The term Zero Waste was first coined as a business module. The idea was to switch from a cradle to grave economy to a cradle to cradle economy. A cradle to grave economy means that products are created to be used and disposed of at the end of its life. A cradle to cradle economy means that products are created to be infinitely sustainable and used over and over for a variety of things.

We are currently living in a cradle to grave economy which means its not currently possible to be 100% zero waste. This doesn’t mean we still can’t make a difference in reducing our waste and bringing less demand on our planet.

How do you start?

Number 1: Take a breather

Firstly lets all take a deep breath. Starting something new can be very overwhelming. It’s okay to feel confused and to not know where to start!

Number 2: Use up all of your 7 bottles of shampoo

Secondly start with what you already have. I know that sounds strange in our economy because we are encouraged to buy more. Using what you already have means that you don’t create unnecessary waste.

For example lets say you have a plastic water bottle. Its plastic so that’s not allowed in the Zero waste lifestyle, but a stainless steel water bottle is allowed! Throwing away a perfectly good water bottle is creating unnecessary waste.

Water and energy will be used to create this brand new, shiny stainless steel water bottle. So in using what you already have you are using less resources which is better for the environment, and you’re saving your pennies.

Do you have loads of bottles of lotion or shampoo lying around in your bathroom? I bet you said no but we’re all guilty of this! Its more environmentally friendly to again use up what you already have, before you make the switch to more eco-friendly products, if you’re ready to take the plunge.

Number 3: Shopping 2nd hand is your best friend

Did you know that your 2nd hand dress or your 2nd hand laptop is good for the planet and your wallet? Shopping 2nd hand means that the item you have bought, has been saved from going into landfill and potentially polluting the planet! Water and energy goes into every item that is made, in giving the item a 2nd life is stops all this water and energy from going to waste. This obviously isn’t perfect but its better than the item sitting in landfill, and it looks beautiful sitting in your wardrobe.

Have you ever bought anything 2nd hand? Do you hate charity shops? Leave a comment letting me know.

Number 4: Something borrowed, something green

Trinity College

Have you ever thought of just borrowing an item instead of buying it? Is there a book your dying to read? Visit your local library or your friend who’s an avid reader. Are you in need of a new lawnmower? Ask your neighbor who always says hello or a friend who lives near by. By borrowing an item it saves you money and an excess of resources being wasted

Number 5: Ecofriendly surfing

Helping the environment whilst you look at cat videos and memes, that cant be true. It is true with Ecosia! Ecosia plants trees whilst you search using their search engine, well not literally. As you search the web, search adverts generate income for Ecosia and they use this income to plant trees. As well as helping the environment its completely free! To learn more click here.


Ecosia is available on mobile. Download for free on Google Play and Apple!

Number 6: Change your energy provider

Do you know how your home is run? Where does the electricity and gas come from that fuels your home and is it sustainable? Non renewable energy is a an energy source that will eventually run out! Most of the sources of non renewable are fossil fuels. They are detrimental to the environment and in limited amounts. So what other options are there that are renewable? Its so simple solar, wind and hydro (water).

Here’s 3 renewable energy companies!

I’m currently using Bulb energy. I find them cheaper than the previous supplier I was using, and they use renewable energy; its a win-win!

Number 7: No more junk mail

Junk mail is basically trash coming into your home through your letter box. Even if you recycle this junk mail, trees were still cut down and water and energy were used to create the junk mail in the first place. So what can you do about this? Firstly you can put a no junk mail sticker on your letterbox or door.

If you live in the UK you can click here to contact royal mail to opt out of receiving leaflets and promotional material. Also you can return the junk mail to sender by writing ‘Return to Sender – unsolicited mail’ and put it into your post box, the sender will have fees to pay and should remove you from their mailing list.

Also you can click here to register with The Mail Preference Service to help rid your life of unwanted mail.

Number 8: Reduce

Its as simple as it sounds reduce what you use and what you buy. It will reduce the impact on the earths resources, and save you money. How do you start? Shop your wardrobe rather than shopping for new clothes.

Buy more durable things that are better quality which will last later, meaning you buy less. Buy in bulk means you’ll use and waste less packaging.

Number 9: Money talks

I know you’ve heard of the phase money talks but its true. You vote with your dollar (or pound if your British). By giving a company your money you put money into their hands.

Your saying to them that you agree with their business practices, how they deal with waste and how eco-friendly they are. Giving companies that have the ethics that you believe in is voting with your money.

Covid-19 & Zero Waste:

In writing my first blog post I thought it was important to address the devastating pandemic we are all currently facing. Here in the UK we went into lockdown on the 23rd march 2020. Now isn’t the time to worry about zero waste. If you can’t find plastic free packaged fruits or your local zero waste shop has closed.

Please don’t worry, all you can do is try your best. Climate change is a very real and serious problem and helping the environment is a very important issue. But human health is greatly important right now. If you are scared or anxious you are not alone. I hope all my readers are safe.


This blog post shows easy ways to start your new zero waste habit! Zero waste doesn’t have to be overwhelming, expensive or time-consuming. It can be as easy as shopping 2nd hand or reducing what you use.

Is there something I missed? Are there other ways of being more eco-friendly that I missed? Let me know in comments below.

This Weeks Challenge! This week I challenge you to start using Ecosia on your laptop, tablet or mobile! Use the app on your tablet or mobile.

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